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How to use IRCAN's Cloud to share your data between computers ?

You will find here support for using the cloud of IRCAN . Two parts will be presented: one for users and one for administrators.


If You want to modify your analysis with Diva, Flow Jo, Seahorse... Software

you can see the desktop shortcut folder named “ shortcut to Cytomed Analyser-Owncloud”.

    => Click this shortcut

    => When you are in the folder, there are other folders:

→ There are different folders named “Cytomed-Analyser(…)” : these folders are the folders shared with the computer “Cytomed Analyser” and between parenthesis it is the name of the computer that provides the sharing. For example : Cytomed-Analyser(Aria) : the folder is shared between cloud's accounts Aria and Cytomed Analyser. So , all the files which are in the Aria's account shared with Cytomed Analyser, are also in the Cytomed Analyser's folder named “Cytomed-Analyser(Aria)”.

→ There are also, team group folders. These folders are shared between the cloud's account Cytomed-Analyser and Team group accounts. In fact only the members of a group can see the files contained in these folders. When you add a new file in your team group folder, all the members of your group (and of course you) have this file in their cloud's account.

→ For exemple the team group folder named grp(for group)_shkreli : there is a folder for each members :

Now we will see how to open a file (shared between the Aria's cloud account and the account Cytomed Anamyser ) with Diva software. It will be the same for each file ( no matter where it comes from ) .

Open a file with Diva

⇒ Open Diva

You finished your analysis and you want to retrieve your data on your own computer

If you want to retrieve your data on your own computer after sharing with your team group


If you want to create a new account for a new machine

you arrive on this page:

To the right, you have your user's name (here “test”) and beside there is a small arrow.

When you click this small arrow a list appears : “personnel”, “Utilisateurs”, “Aide”, “Se déconnecter”

Click “Utilisateurs” and now you've got this page:

 => There are all the users that are in the group of which you are the administrator

 => Choose a user's name for your new machine 

 => Choose a password's account

 => Choose a group for our new machine (here Cytomed)

 => click the button "créer"

If you want to install the synchronisation application on the new machine's computer

Download the application here :

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