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L2, L3, M1 - Medicine

UE 15 M1 recherche - Microbiology
Etude des Microbiotes et Dysbiose : impact en pathologie humaine

Objectives of Teachings

Séquençage haut débit, métagénomique et applications à l'étude des microbiotes


Biology knowledge, Next Generation Sequencing basis. At least, a computer is required for the second session (tutorial, 16S identification). So, bring your own laptop.

Schedule 2020-2021 (4 hrs)

  1. Thursday February 11th | 13:00 - 17:00 (4 hrs)

    Where: Pasteur tower - medicine campus, room ED 4/5 main floor (see University information panels)

    • Basis about Next Generation Sequencing
    • Introduction to MetaGenomics

    • Tutorial : identification of bacteria using 16S barcoding (bring your laptop !)

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