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Access to "professorx" server

- Need an account ⇒ ask Olivier Croce (

- SSH only (command line)

- Your account is linked to a group. A group corresponds to an ircan's team.

- Disk space limitation by group (quota ~4To, by default), not for a single user. This means you share the same space with other people from your group

How to connect ?

From any station with an internet access.
- Direct, if you are under unice domain (ie Ircan institut)
- Use the Unice VPN from outside the domain ( , need a unice account)

  • Linux : open a terminal and type ssh command line, ig. :
ssh -X

* -X : optional ⇒ allows graphical remoted access (when launching some graphical tools from the server)
* ocroce : replace this by your login
* : name of the serveur (same if you replace by the corresponding IP adress :

  • Mac : same as Linux - open a terminal and type ssh command line, ig. :
ssh -X

Note, if a problem for remote display appears (even “-X” option“ is used, no display output when opening graphical tools like rstudio), you should install “

  • Windows

SSH in not installed by defaut. You could installed and use “PuTTY” or any other tools.

First connection

The defaut password is “ircan”. Once connected, you must change it by typing : “passwd”

Note, at the first connection, if you have any ssh error or warning, try this (to remove old ssh key):

ssh-keygen -R

List of available tools :

ircan -t

(the list is also there :

Copy data to/from your account

- Use “scp” command (see help on internet)

- Use a gaphical tool like Filezilla ou WinSCP

- Linux: Use directly your explorer (Dolphin, Konqueror… ig. "fish://")

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