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Master of Life and Health Sciences - Sciences faculty

M1 & M2 - BIM (Biologie Informatique Mathematique) + others
UE Omiques, UE Atelier Omiques

Objectives of teachings

Basis in Metagenomics and Barcoding. Genomes assembling


Biology knowledge, Next Generation Sequencing basis. A computer is required for the tutorials, so bring your own laptop. You can also bring your laptop for the courses session to follow the online lectures or to see some websites mentioned during the teachings.

Schedule 2020 - 2021 (9-10 hrs)

  1. Tuesday October 13th | 15:15 - 17:15 (2 hrs) | UE15 omiques

    Where : Valrose campus, room Risso, building “TP Sciences Naturelles”

    • Basis about NGS / genomes assembling (courses)
    • Introduction to MetaGenomics (courses)
  1. Thursday October 22th | 13:00 - 17:00 (4 hrs) | “Atelier omnique”

    Where: Pasteur campus, room ED 2/3, Pasteur tower main floor

    • Presentation of the bioinformatics service of IRCAN
    • Metagenomics : identification of species using 16S barcoding (tutorial on Galaxy)
  1. Monday October 26th | 8:00 - 12:00 (4 hrs) | “Bio computationelle”

    Where: Pasteur campus, room ED 2/3, Pasteur tower main floor

    • NGS assemblies by command lines: quality tests, trimming, assembling with Velvet and orfing (tutorial)

Online courses and tutorials

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